BIOCUTIS is a line of natural cosmetic products manufactured in the US. All our products are formulated with the unique natural biological serum produced by an organism called helix aspersa muller (land snail), the only living being able to repair and regenerate its body. Thanks to our extraction process we have managed to concentrate the most of all the antioxidant and regenerative properties in our Biocutis Serum.

The story begins in Chile on a farm where snails are bred for use in cooking and exported to France. Farmers realized that their hands were soft, smooth and flawless. Impressed, farmers realized that even old scars had disappeared.

The secretions are collected in Chile from snails one by one (a lovingly and meticulous work) using a third generation technology that stimulates secretions. 

BIOCUTIS SERUM is scientifically proven, unique, completely natural and collected alive snails without doing any harm to small creatures. The serum is exported from our subsidiary in Chile to US

The Biocutis line includes 10 products formulated with Bioutis serum and several active botanicals that complement the serum and respond to specific skin concerns.

Each product is a complete solution for people who need corrective treatments for the skin, premature aging, pigmentation problems, acne and other skin disorders; also burns, scars, stretch marks, etc., or for the care and beauty of the skin.

Our products contain no parabens, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives harmful or waxes that clog pores.